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    Sunday, August 30, 2009
    Blogger Spotlight: Stephanie Su of Steph Su Reads--"My double life as a book blogger and a regular girl."
    Today, we have a beautiful guest post from Stephanie Su of Steph Su Reads. Click here to check out her amazing blog--trust me, I've been a follower for a while now and it's great.

    Here's Stephanie Su taking over:

    The phrase “double life” always makes me think of being a spy, which I would be absolutely horrible at. I’m intelligent, but not clever; in shape, but not a risk-taker. I love reading books about girls kicking butt via innovative solutions in tough scenarios, but if I were ever in a story like that, I’d be the quiet but intense innocent bystander who gets blown up by an enemy’s stray bullet. A civilian casualty.

    That being said, while I don’t think I’m “spy-like” in my double life as a young adult and a book blogger, I do feel like two completely different people. You know that Myers-Briggs personality test that, like, all career guidance office make you take, the one that assesses you on four different poles, one of which is introversion-extraversion? Yeah, I’m as introverted as you can get without going off the scale and into improbability. I’m a total loner. A sheet of tiredness instantly floats over me whenever I encounter a large group of happily chattering people, even if it’s people whom I know and like. Even among my closest friends, I don’t talk much. There is nothing happier for me, nothing more invigorating, than being immersed in an amazing book or on a roll with my writing.

    These admissions may come as a surprise to people who read my blog, as well as people whose blogs I comment on. According to some blogger friends, I am an extremely friendly and funny person, always happy. Whenever I hear these sorts of things said about me, I usually start to choke dangerously on whatever I have in my mouth at that moment—because I was, up until age 18, quite possibly one of the most dissatisfied teenagers I have ever known.

    So the duality of my life comes from my ability to be more myself in written words than I can ever be in speaking, in person. I love the time for thinking and preparation that we are allowed before making a blog post, or leaving a comment on someone’s blog, or even replying to someone’s Tweet on Twitter. I would never say that my conversations with some friends via email are less fulfilling than in-person encounters, even if the former can take several hours or days to come up with a reply.

    I think that some people think in dialogue, which makes them always ready with a reply when you’re talking face-to-face with them. Others think in terms of scenes, like from a movie—they consider camera angle, lighting, the actual movement of the conversationalists involved. I, on the other hand, think in words—actual, written words. Often when I’m talking to someone I’ll hear a word that was said, and then I’ll type the word out on an invisible keyboard with my jittery fingers, or write it in cursive, my thumb tracing the word out on the side of my pointer finger—over and over again, all the while keeping up the conversation with the other person. A little embarrassing to admit the extent of my written-wordiness!

    I think in written words, which is why I’m so much more myself in writing than I ever am in person. So you bloggers are actually getting more of me than many other people in my life—and that’s the best part of me having a “double life.”

    That was lovely, don't you agree? A blogger with such communication skills through her writing must be a fantastic blogger too! So go ahead and explore Steph Su Reads!

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