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    Thursday, February 4, 2010
    Tête-à-Tête with author of Fairy Tale and Sleepless, Cyn Balog
    Okay peeps of the blogosphere, today we have the AMAZING Cyn Balog grace my blog. I'm so honoured. or those who are unaware, she already has a mindblowing book called Fairy Tale out and her second book called Sleepless will be coming out this year! Read on to find out more about her and her works.

    >Tell us a little something-something about Sleepless.

    Sleepless is about a Sandman who falls in love with a mortal girl whose sleep he controls.

    The plot and premise of the book is so creative it baffles us regular non-writing people. How’d you come up with it?

    I don’t really have any time to think very much because I have two young children. This particular idea, I came up when driving home from work with my daughter babbling in the back and I’m a Little Teapot playing on the radio. They say that all ideas come during the 4 B’s—Bed, Bath (getting ready for the day), Bus (your commute), or Beer. And it’s true because I got the idea for Fairy Tale while lying in my bed, and Sleepless on my commute!

    What was your favourite part of writing the book?

    Typing “THE END”? Seriously. I had a hard time with SLEEPLESS. I sold it on proposal and after finishing the first draft was told it was hopelessly dark and depressing. Still, I thought the premise was amazing. So I vowed to write the entire thing over, which I did in about three weeks. So by that time, I was so frazzled I was happy to get to the end and nervous to find out if it passed muster with my editor!

    Okay, so how is Sleepless different from Fairy Tale, your awesome debut?

    Well, Julia and Eron are not as funny and sarcastic as Morgan is. I loved that about Morgan, because I am a sarcastic person, but I know a lot of people found her annoying. So I really had to tone down the sarcasm that threatened to spew out of me on every page. The fun thing about this book is that Sandmen were once human, so Eron, the Sandman, was a human once, but back in 1900. So I loved placing him in the present day and having him find his way.

    Rapid fire round! Five things you can grab without moving from where you are?

    A pen. My daughter’s sock. A pack of five playing card games (old maid, etc), a gift certificate to Collage Video, and my royalty statement for Fairy Tale.

    Gel pen or ball point?

    Um, I am not picky at all. As long as ink flows from it, I am good.

    If Eron had a Facebook profile, what would it look like?

    Imagine your great-grandfather having a facebook profile. Scary. Eron is still trying to figure out that thing we call “computer”.

    What would your autobiography be titled?

    And Then Some Confusion Happened

    Hmm, I wonder, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    I approached Yo Yo Ma, rather brusquely, and told him that my husband was in love with him. My husband loved Yo Yo Ma but was too scared to talk to him, and I really didn’t know much about him, so I took the reigns. I meant to say, “My husband thinks you’re wonderful,” but for some reason it came out as if my husband had a romantic crush on the man.

    Last question! Favourite songs to write to?

    Silence. I can’t write to music. It’s so loud in my house during the day and I get headaches really easily, so I just love peace and quiet!!

    Getting to know authors on a personal level is the awesome stuff.

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