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    Saturday, December 19, 2009
    WorDissection: Sovay by Celia Rees

    Did I like it? Oh yes!
    You'll love it if you liked: Gemma Doyle books, maybe? And anything historical yet storylike.
    Aura: Crisp, Adventurous, Exciting
    Read If: You're looking for a looong, loooong read that’s fulfilling. Not exactly for non-readers.
    Narration: Third Person
    Main Character: Sovay Middleton, a rebellious, determined and compassionate 17-year old female
    Themes: French Revolution, Gender boundaries, 1700s
    Plot: 9.5/10. Awesome plot.
    Narration: 8.5/10
    Characterization: 9/10. Very charming.
    Overall: 9/10
    Did I get bored anywhere? Nope, strange yet pleasant surprise.
    Did any part confuse me? Sometimes. Lotsa characters.
    Line/ Page Skippability: 0.75/5. Not much.
    Writing Style: Long sentences, Uber-formal.
    Uniqueness: 9/10
    Predictability: 1/10. Not predictable, really.
    Cover: 8/10. Not bad, but I’m not swooning either. Had an issue: there are two covers. One I have, i.e. the one with the review, has a model not compliant with the character’s described appearance. Oh well, whatevs. :)
    Ending: Realistic, good closure.
    Reading priority: Must read
    Reading duration: Fast readers-Approx. 1 day, Slow readers- Approx. a month.
    It’s England, 1783. When the rich and beautiful Sovay isn’t sitting for portraits, she’s donning a man’s cloak and robbing travelers—in broad daylight. But in a time when political allegiances between France and England are strained, a rogue bandit is not the only thing travelers fear. Spies abound, and rumors of sedition can quickly lead to disappearances. So when Sovay lifts the wallet of one of England’s most powerful and dangerous men, it’s not just her own identity she must hide, but that of her father. A dazzling historical saga in which the roles of thieves and gentry, good and bad, and men and women are interchanged to riveting effect.

    WordVore Prod's Review:

    I have always avoided historical fiction like the plague, honestly. That being said, I gotta say that Sovay is one of the most charming and enrapturing novels I’ve ever read. It’s compliant to reality, yet rather than reading like a droning biography of sorts, it reads like a true storyteller’s ballad.
    The writing quality is absolutely marvelous and flawless to the t—there is a certain regal finesse to it. Sovay was such a real and inspiring character. She is a true heroine who does not need other characters to develop. Her bravery to step out of the gender boundaries of the 1700s has been portrayed so well—human but wild. Each and every expedition of hers as a highwayman leaves the reader breathless and craving for more. The adrenaline rush is renewed with full vigor in every new page. Sovay’s emotions are so raw they leap out of the tangible pages; her burning determination, her love for her family and her frustration at the shackles of gender discrimination are all emotions that we can feel through her soul while reading.
    Imagery and description is crafted wonderfully and weaved in such a way so that it doesn’t become monotonous. The side characters are great to read about, as they form a crucial part of Sovay’s journey. The ending was amazing—perfect climax too. I was also in for s surprise right enar the end but hey, we all like a bit of unpredictability, right?
    My only complaint? Too many characters, which are sometimes hard to keep track and the length which might not sit well with the average, not-so-avid reader.
    The book was, in a word, delicious. That’s the first word that’s running through my head right now. So if you’re in for a long treat, then grab your copy of Sovay. To average readers too, don’t be scared by the size of the book because you won’t be disappointed by how fast the story moves—for a historical fiction, it’s astoundingly well-paced.

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