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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009
    Ghost Week Day Four: Guest Post by Megan Crewe; How I Got Through High School, Breathers Only
    When we think YA, we think teens. And when we think teens, we think high school. Wherever you are, whoever you are, if you are a teen or have survived through adolescence, it's likely that high school is common ground for us. On that note, Megan Crewe, author of Give Up the Ghost tells us how she lived through high school without any ghost friends. Here's how:

    How I got through high school, breathers only In my book, GIVE UP THE GHOST, Cass feels her ghostly friends are pretty much essential to getting through high school. Without them, she feels she'd have no one to talk to, and be dismissed or harassed by everyone. Thankfully, my teen years were a lot less traumatic than Cass's! I never had a friend stab me in the back, and while I did get teased some in junior high, I always had friends for support, too. I was particularly lucky in high school, because I went to a school with a strong academic focus. I was the kind of kid who got her essays done a week early and was on the honor roll every term, and I talked to people (especially girls) who went to other high schools and felt they had to play dumb or they'd be made fun of. But at my school most of the popular kids were doing well academically, too, and people would congratulate you for being on the honor roll. So I could just be the sort-of-nerdy person I was and most people respected that. My high school wasn't very clique-y either, which was a relief after all the teen book and movie portrayals I'd seen. I had a couple of close friends I almost always hung out with, but I had lots of not-so-close friends who hung out with a variety of different people, too. There were any number of people I might end up eating lunch with, talking to in class, or joining up with to do a group project. You could chat up just about anyone in your grade and no one would think anything of it. I don't know if it helped or not, but I was active with a lot of different groups in high school as well. I did a brief stint in the drama club, a couple years on the school newspaper, and participated in both the speed swim and synchronized swim teams throughout. I got to know a lot of people that way I might not have otherwise--either because we didn't share many classes or they were in different grades. And of course it's easier to feel happy at school when you're involved in activities you enjoy there! So that was my high school experience--maybe some of you reading this can share yours? How do you get on at school? Do you wish you had ghosts to confide in or spy for you? :)

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