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I'm a YA reader/reviewer/ other than that, I'm a nutcase gone awry. Yes, I'm insane so to speak:) I'd say I'm a girl next door, but I'm much better off without a Pinocchio nose, thank you very much. I'm a pretty fun chica, I guess. I also realize that this About Me section doesn't do the three dimensions of my character justice. Or four. Or five. Or six. Oh shooh!

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Bloggers and readers, if you have anything to say to me, here: prodhi@live.com. YA authors who would like me to review their books, I'll be more than honoured. Contact me at the same address.

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    Thursday, August 13, 2009
    Blogger Spotlight: Scarlett Haines from From the Heart
    I'm sorry for being such a horrible blogger. I had sooo many tests and homework that it's inhuman. But hopefully this week will be less hectic:)
    Today we have Scarlett from her blog From the Heart. Visit her blog here: http://scarlettfromtheart.blogspot.com

    Tell us something about your blog.
    It's a relatively new blog called From The Heart.

    Three tips to fellow book bloggers.
    1. Get out there and contact other bloggers!
    2. Have fun while creating your blog.
    3. Make sure you like what you put on your blog.

    Do you think writers and their books should be treated leniently if the writer has taken the effort to personally ensure the sending of the review copy to the reviewer?
    I think that they should be given a good and honest review of their books. If you don't like something say why, but try to put a positive spin on some things. In the end it's just about being honest.

    Enough seriousness. Rapid fire round! Three words to describe you and three more to describe your blog.
    Me: happy, intelligent, caring Blog: Fun, interesting, unique

    Three books that are on your mind right now.
    EyeLeash by Jess C Scott
    Extras by Scott Westerfeld
    Wake by Lisa McMann

    What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
    Filled an entire bathtub with jelly and took a 'jelly bath'

    A person had to take over the world. Even though we know it's gonna be me, who would you rather it was?
    Probably Lisa Simpson because she'd still let us read books

    Dream fictional boyfriend, and why?
    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I would love to date Dave the laugh from the Georgia Nicolson series, he's cute and he's utterly hilarious. I just think he would be so fun to be around.

    The sky just fell and monster-sized Chicken Littles took over the city. Write a five-sentence review on this incident.
    It's a most unfortunate day today, the sky actually did fall. I'm not too worried about this as I am indeed still alive, which is a totally good sign. However, not such a fan of the monster-sized Chicken Littles that have taken over the city, definitely not a strong point. Overalll, it's not too bad of an event but if you can I would definitely give it a miss.
    That was great! Now you bloggers, be nice and go give her blog a visit--it's awesome!

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