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    Monday, July 27, 2009
    Blogger Spotlight: Katie of Another Book Blog-Whore
    Okay...this is another feature I'm adding to my blog. I'll be interviewing book bloggers round the blogosphere and posting them here. Coolio?
    Today we talk to Katie from Another Book Blog-Whore (isn't the name awesome and creative?). Click here to go to her blog and give it some lovin':)

    So, let's start from the...well, beginning. How did you come up with the interesting name for your blog?
    Hmmm, well I sat and brainstormed blog names for about five minutes. I wanted books in my name or something to do with reading. I also wanted something that stood out. My blog name "Another Book Blog-Whore" said fast is "Another Book Bloggor/Blogger". I liked that because that was what I was, another book blogger. There was already a community of book bloggers, I was just joining them.

    Tell us about your blog. Anything from the content to the features to the little fineprints at the bottom works.
    I post book reviews (as regularly as I can) and also occasionally participate in memes e.g. Waiting on Wednesday, Teaser Tuesday and In The Post (English version of In My Mailbox). I also have author interviews and am expecting to host my first competition in August sometime.

    Three tips to fellow book bloggers?
    Tips, I'm fairly new to this myself. Well, one of the best things about book blogging is reading others blogs and talking to them about books.
    #1 I suppose networking is quite a good way to get followers.
    #2 If you have trouble making blog headers like me, there are quite a few websites that will make headers for you. I got mine done at Garden of Headers. It was free :)
    #3 Urm, this is hard! Have fun! You should enjoy book blogging!

    Do you think writers and their books should be treated leniently if the writer has taken the effort to personally ensure the sending of the review copy to the reviewer?
    -I always appreciate being sent a review copy. However, that doesn't guarantee someone a glowing review. I'm honest in what I say but I tend to be a pretty positive person overall. I feel it is important to list both the good and bad. We are not here to advertise but to advise. I wouldn't want to be lied to on a blog. However, it's worth noting that what one person loves on a blog, another person might hate.

    Enough seriousness. Rapid fire round! Three words to describe you and three more to describe your blog.
    Me: Crazy. Readaholic. Fun.
    Blog: Detailed. Colourful. Bloggerlicious.

    Three books that are on your mind right now.
    "Selina Penaluna", "Tender Morsels" and "The Ask and the Answer".

    What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
    Hmmm! I've done a lot of crazy things. I'll replace weird with crazy :D
    I got a little tipsy and decided to ride a bike! I didn't fall over but I did look like one of those idiots in the alcohol adverts. To be fair though, my balance on a bike is quite crap when I'm sober. And I was riding a bike that had a seat that was too high for me! It was crazy though as it is was daylight and loads of people were around. Should I reallly be posting this on blogger?

    Why are hot dogs named hot...dogs?:S
    I've seen the real answer but it's not interesting enough. One day these savages found a dead dog. They were primitive and decided to cook the dog over a spitfire. The dog they found was one of those sausage dogs. Needless to say, they ended up with what is known as a hot dog. When everyone called them weird names, the savages recognised them and called them hot dogs. The name has stuck ever since :)

    Dream fictional boyfriend, and why?
    Oooh, either Harry Potter, Alex Rider or Dimitri. Harry Potter because he is brave, although I have a thing for ginger guys so Ron has a chance too. Alex Rider because he is blonde, brave and fit ;) And Dimitri from Vampire Academy because I have a thing for guys with Russian accents and this guy kicks ass.

    A giant elephant just entered for American Idol, crushing everything in its way. Write a review on this incident.
    This is really hard. I've had to brainstorm for this:
    Entrant causes storm, default winner!
    Sorry that is a little crap :D

    LMAO at Katie's answers! As the answers suggest, she is a really cool person to talk to! Any other questions for her? Shoot 'em in the comment box:)

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